Anna Bhagya - Towards a Hunger Free Karnataka

On his first day of taking oath as Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Siddaramaiah announced the ambitious Anna Bhagya scheme with a mission to make Karnataka a hunger free state. For six years now, the flagship Anna Bhagya scheme has successfully provided food security to about 1.50 crore families covering over 4.5 crore people in the state.

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Ksheera Bhagya 

Ksheera Bhagya is the programme of distributing milk to school and anganawadi children by the Karnataka State Government in collaboration with Karnataka Milk Federation, District Milk Unions, Department of Primary & Secondary Education and Department of Women and Child Development. Karnataka is the first state in the country to provide milk to children for five days a week. 1.15 crores Anganwadi & School children have benefited from this scheme.

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Mathru Poorna Nutritional Programme For Pregnant & Breast-feeding Women

To improve maternal health of 1.2 million pregnant and lactating mothers, the Government of Karnataka has launched Matru Poona. For 25 days in a month, pregnant women and lactating mothers from the start of pregnancy to six months after the delivery of the child are being provided wholesome lunch consisting of rice, dal with vegetables, one boiled egg and 200 ml of milk along with a groundnut-jaggery chikki. 

The scheme is being implemented through anganwadis in the State. The food will be provided for 15 months, from the start of pregnancy up to six months after delivery. If the pregnant women are suffering from weakness, the scheme would help improve the health of both mothers and children. 

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Surya Raitha - Harnessing Solar Energy to Empower Farmers

Government of Karnataka has implemented a scheme to harness solar energy for the benefit of the farmers. By installing 10 KWH solar power plant, this unique scheme ensures that not only farmers need not be dependent on grid supply to power their irrigation pump sets, but also stand to benefit from selling the excess power back to government. Under the scheme, a farmer can install a solar power-run pumpset on his farm with 90 per cent subsidy from the government.

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Pashu Bhagya

Pashu Bhagya scheme is Government of Karnataka’s flagship initiative announced in 2015 to help small and marginal farmers establish cattle, goat, sheep, pig and poultry units. As per the scheme, back ended subsidy of 50 per cent will be given to farmers belonging to SC and ST categories and 25 per cent to other small and marginal farmers. Farmers can avail loan up to Rs. 1.2 lakhs from commercial banks.

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Krishi Bhagya

The Krishi Bhagya programme was launched to secure farmers incomes by promoting on-farm rainwater conservation and encouraging efficient use of water through adoption of modern technologies. Since the launch of the programme in 2014, it has revolutionised the face of dry-land-farming by reducing the dependency on rain. About 1.6 lakh ponds have been created to harvest and conserve the rainwater. To prevent water seeping into the ground, these ponds are lined with high-density polyethylene sheets.

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Mythri, a scheme to support people belonging to third gender and sexual minorities by bringing them into the mainstream and reduce their marginalization. Under this scheme, members of sexual minorities aged above 40 years are eligible for a monthly pension of Rs. 500 and eligible pensioners under the scheme will automatically be entitled for old-age pension scheme once they cross 64 years of age. Rs. 8.32 crores have been allocated to this scheme and more Rs. 2 crores has been distributed to 4,461 beneficiaries in the last four years.

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Anil Bhagya Yojne

Under Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya LPG Scheme, the state government targeted around 15-20 lakhs beneficiaries in the state. The beneficiaries can avail the scheme benifits by making the registration through online or offline modes.  After the applications are made, the government would take about 30 days to process the applications and provide scheme benefits. Any BPL holder who has not availed the benefits of centrally sponsered free LPG connection scheme. 

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